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I am not always receiving email so you can use

 bobbin1807@gmail. com or kennvandieren@gmail.com

as well.

As many of you have heard I have been experiencing a spat of ill health and rumors have been noticed from time to time.   To set the record straight (or straighter) I am not on Death’s Door.  I have learned that you must stay two breaths ahead of the Grim Reaper because the last breath is a killer


I do suffer from CPOD and Emphysema  This is controlled by medication and is under control.  During a flair up they discovered that my heart has been pumping at 5% rather then 60% that a normal heart pumps.


After three hospitalization in 2 ½ months totaling a month

in itself they have implanted a Pacemaker/Defibrillator/Resynchronization therapy unit into my chest.  And as Harry’s father on the tv show Night Court used to say “I’m feeling much better now.” 


You can also find me on EBay as bobbins01
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We accept credit cards as well as PayPal!

Unique, high quality, handmade tools for the art of lacemaking, needlework and sewing.

Free catalogues for lacemaking classes, Guilds, and Museums.  If you teach a class in lace, need some for your library and members, or to display for handout, let me know how many copies you need.

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